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Hettich | Bioz Stars Award Winner

Hettich North America is proud to announce that it has received a 2021 Bioz Stars Award in the Centrifuge Category.

January 01, 2022 – Beverly, MA, USA – Hettich North America is excited to announce that it has received a 2021 Bioz Stars Award in the Centrifuges category. This prestigious award recognizes the world’s most innovative suppliers of life science reagents, kits, instruments, and tools for being leaders in their specific research category.

“We want to thank our customers for trusting Hettich to deliver quality products that contribute to an efficient, worry-free workflow while producing accurate and dependable results.” – Frank DiNoia, Director of Marketing, Hettich Instruments.

Bioz has become a global brand, attracting millions of researchers worldwide. This is the first year of the Bioz Stars Award program, which recognizes life science suppliers that are the best in their class and are ultimately helping to speed up drug discovery and the rate of success in finding cures for diseases.

“The award winners are companies that have competed and won in the ultimate runoff between 50,000 suppliers that have their products listed on Bioz Stars Award winners are selected based on objective scientific data analyzed using advanced patented Bioz AI technology. The AI generates objective product ratings and recommendations based on product usage data from within 30 million peer-reviewed scientific articles, the data that researchers trust the most.” – Dr. Karin Lachmi, Chief Scientific Officer, President & Founder of Bioz.

“Bioz AI algorithms select a Bioz Stars Award winner in each life science product category. The algorithm applies weighting and normalization to a multitude of objective data-driven parameters, including the number of product mentions, article recency, journal impact factor, and product usage trends” – Daniel Levitt, CEO & Founder of Bioz.

About the 2021 Bioz Stars Awards:

Bioz Stars Awards recognize companies that manufacture and supply high-quality scientific products for life science research. Award recipients are recognized for their contribution to the life science research community. Through innovation and knowledge sharing, these industry leaders help researchers approach experimentation more efficiently and ultimately shorten the duration of discovery. Bioz Stars Awards are given to companies whose life science research products are consistently chosen by researchers for use in scientific experiments that result in successful publication in leading scientific journals. Bioz AI analyses 30 million published scientific articles to select category leaders for a Bioz Stars Award.

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About Hettich North America:

Hettich is an industry-leading laboratory equipment manufacturer known for its vast array of quiet, reliable, and safe centrifugation products and highly efficient, accurate, and space-saving incubators. We also manufacture and support quality equipment for sample preparation, climate control, and laboratory automation.

About Bioz:

Bioz is the world’s most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, empowering scientists in biopharma and academia to accelerate their research towards new discoveries. Bioz guides scientists to the most-validated and cost-effective products to use in their experiments by providing evidence-based product recommendations. These recommendations have been reverse-engineered from real-world experiments, as described in over 500 million pages of scientific text from peer-reviewed articles. The result:, the world’s most comprehensive source of life science product recommendations and experimentation guidance, covering over 300 million products, 50,000 suppliers, 16 million images, and over 7 billion protocol conditions and associated techniques, enabling researchers to work faster and more cost-effectively, generating more successful and impactful outcomes.

Bioz AI was developed by an experienced team of software engineers, led by AI experts from Microsoft and Google and Nobel Prize winners in chemistry. The technology incorporates proprietary, cutting-edge NLP, ML, neural networks, deep learning, domain-specific named-entity recognition, entity matching, and entity linking algorithms. What used to take scientists months now takes them mere minutes with Bioz, 82x times faster than before. By accelerating the pace of experiments, Bioz is accelerating the pace of drug discovery by as much as 50%, which translates into billions of research dollars saved, and revenue being realized faster through earlier drug approval. Bioz empowers researchers in the top 25 biopharma companies and more than 17,000 academic institutions in 196 countries with objectivity, transparency, and trustworthiness.


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