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Hettich Product Guides

Hettich product guides help users filter and sort product categories into a clear and relevant list of models for your consideration.

Each product category (i.e., Centrifuges, Incubators, Plant Growth) is complemented by a guide that is easily accessible via the main navigation menu or through various call-outs throughout the site.



Users can scroll through the model listing, or to help narrow your choice, select one of the various filters on top of the page to sort the products in a more relevant manner specific to your need.



Each Hettich product guide consists of a product image, description, and specification summary. Directly from the guide, users can jump to the models landing page or choose two models to compare side-by-side in greater detail via the comparison tool.



The Hettich comparison tool provides a detailed product comparison that can then be downloaded as a PDF to be shared with a colleague or saved for offline viewing.



We aim to deliver informative, educational, and relevant content to help our customers choose the right Hettich product for their application. In addition to our online tools, we are available to assist you virtually, over the phone, in person, or by email. Please let us know how we can help you best.

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