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Hettich Centrifuges Issues a NORTH AMERICA and CANADA RECALL of Plastic Hematocrit Rotors


January 21, 2010, Hettich Centrifuges, Beverly, MA, is initiating a North America and Canada recall of 2050 and 2076 plastic hematocrit rotors that are used in combination with the Mikro 12-24, Mikro 20, Haematokrit 20 and Haematokrit 24 bench top plastic centrifuges. These plastic rotors have the potential to break apart resulting in pieces of the rotor to be forcefully ejected through the plastic centrifuge housing. This may result in serious personal injury and damage to the surrounding area.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL PRESS RELEASE by clicking here or contact us for more information.

Conquer multi-cellular samples one layer at a time
The Hettich Cyto-System: Fast single layer
slide preparation.

Slide preparation is the optimal way of viewing cells in a single layer. The Hettich Cyto-System, offers a dependable method to create a monolayer of cells in one quick easy step. From 1 mL to 8 mL, single funnel or up to 24 sample locations per spin. Optimize your lab with a quick rotor exchange to spin round bottom, conical/skirted or other flat bottom tubes up to 100 mL, all on one centrifuge! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally Effective Micro-Management…

Manage your samples, not your service calls.
Hettich Instruments is proud to announce the newest addition to its legendary line of microliter centrifuges, the MIKRO 220. Available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions, the MIKRO 220 is a compact, table-top centrifuge designed to perform a variety of applications. The MIKRO 220 is ideal for clinical, genetic research, virology, cytology and bacteriology laboratories. In addition, the capacity, performance and cooling abilities of the MIKRO 220 are designed to meet the demands of sample preparation for PCR applications... click here for more info.

A compacy high-speed centrifuge STAT!

Increased speed and less time can make all the difference in a fast paced, high throughput laboratory. Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) and Coagulation tests are usually run at 1,500 RPM for 15 minutes, wasting valuable time. The Hettich EBA 20S can run at 8,000 RPM for 3 minutes and consistently produce platelet counts of less than 10,000 platelets /µL.

Applications: Standard blood separation, STAT Tests, Coagulation Testing, Platelet Poor Plasma

Laboratories: Blood Labs, STAT Labs, ER Labs, Chemistry Labs, OB/Gyn's, Critical Care Labs, Dialysis, Anti-coagulation Clinics

Hettich Rotina 420 large capacity benchtop centrifuge

Large capacity benchtop centrifuge ideal for blood tubes and micro plates. The Rotina 420 comes available in non-refrigerated (420) and refrigerated (420R) versions with a maximum capacity of 2 liters (4 x 600 ml). Capable of spinning 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtitre plates the 420 is perfect for applications in clinical chemistry, in biotechnology and in life science research facilities. Noise dampening technology, self-diagnostic testing and 98 user-defined programs round out this highly versatile centrifuge.

Hettich inside the International Space Station

Hettich is proud to be a part of the Human Research Facility (HRF) rack 2 in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. As part of the world’s only materials and life science laboratory orbiting the earth, Hettich is contributing in the effort to improve medical research and technology for the future of human life. This attainment directly relates to where our products reside on a daily basis. Our centrifuges are found inside many clinical and research laboratories all over the world. Once again contributing to the science and research that will improve our way of life.

Hettich North America has relocated to their new headquarters

Hettich Instruments officially moved to their new North American headquarters. The approximately 10,000 square foot facility, consisting of both office and warehouse space is located in the newly renovated Cummings Center office park approximately 20 miles north of Boston. “We’re incredibly excited about the prospects that arise from this new facility.” said Nick Horsley, the company’s North American VP of Sales & Marketing, “It will give us a greater ability to serve our customers and meet the demands of this dynamic industry.” Hettich has reported consistent growth the past year as their centrifuges have continued to gain popularity in the scientific community. The need for a larger facility arose from this current period of growth. The new office will also house a comprehensive service, testing and training department as well as the sales and product support office.

Hettich launches v2.0

Hettich is proud to unveil the v2.0 web experience. Enhanced features include a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive listing of product information. Hettich’s complete listing of brochures, operators manuals and product sheets are available for download. The continually updated news & events section has been designed to provide relevant company and industry information. The improved website is part of Hettich’s commitment to providing customers with the best in service and support.