Heated/Cooled Centrifuges

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Heated/Cooled Centrifuges Product Sheet

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This product sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to the model(s).


Hettich benchtop and floor-standing centrifuges

Hettich supports the ever-changing lab with a complete range of centrifuges and accessories for nearly all standard laboratory applications.

We manufacture multiple rotors, buckets, and adapters with swing-out and fixed-angle capability for various container types. For laboratory personnel’s health and safety, Hettich manufactures various certified bio-containment accessories. Nitrogen purge or external heating/cooling connections for clean-room environments are also available.

Models with connection for nitrogen (N2) flushing: For centrifugation of reactive substances or substances unstable in atmospheric oxygen. If required, customers should install an oxygen concentration monitor.

Models for Heating/Cooling (H/C): For applications demanding temperatures above 40 °C, such as mineral oil testing according to ASTM, material endurance tests, etc.

The heating/cooling variants of the UNIVERSAL 320 R feature no cooling unit or built-in heater. The customer must provide an external refrigerated/heating circulator. The centrifuge can heat/refrigerate from 0 °C to +90 °C, depending on the circulator’s performance.

The floor-standing ROTO SILENTA 630 RS and ROTIXA 500 RS centrifuges are also available as variants with the internal cooling unit or for connection to external cooling units and as GMP versions.