Lipemic Samples

Product Sheet

Hettich Lipemic Samples Product Sheet

This product sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the unique product features specific to this application.


Ultracentrifuges are expensive

Many facilities struggle with the high cost of processing lipemic samples. Ultracentrifuges can cost upwards of ~$18k* and may require additional equipment. This is an expensive solution, especially when many institutions process lipemic samples only a few times per week.

Save thousands in equipment costs

Introducing the Hettich MIKRO 200 and MIKRO 220 high-speed microcentrifuges, the cost-effective alternative to ultracentrifugation. Save upwards of ~$15k* with a MIKRO 200 or MIKRO 220 centrifuge package (when compared to the leading ultracentrifuge brand). Process your samples quickly, in-house, and do away with send-outs.

Accurate results 

Studies have shown that accurate results can be achieved in as little as one fifteen-minute spin at the recommended RCF. You will achieve accurate results while gaining significant savings on centrifuge equipment.

Get more from your low-cost investment

Hettich high-speed microcentrifuges have multiple rotors and accessories making these units a versatile addition to your lab. Spin standard tubes up to 50ml, blood, and pediatric tubes, and even hematocrit capillaries. In addition, Hettich centrifuges require minimal maintenance and come with a limited 5-year warranty.

Interested in the our high-speed MIKRO 200 | R or MIKRO 220 | R centrifuges for processing lipemic samples?