Hettich Rotanta 460R Benchtop Centrifuge Cited in Dairy Cow Diet Study



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Hettich Rotanta 460R Benchtop Centrifuge Cited in Dairy Cow Diet Study

Hettich Rotanta 460R Benchtop Centrifuge Cited in Dairy Cow Diet Study

The Journal of Animal Science published a study entitled “Barley Grain-Based Treated with Lactic Acid and Heat Modulated Plasma Metabolites and Acute Phase Response in Dairy Cows” by researchers from the University of Alberta Edmonton in Canada. The study aimed to investigate the effects of feeding lactic acid-treated grains to dairy cows. Hettich’s ROTANTA 460R benchtop centrifuge was used to separate plasma from blood samples taken from Holstein Cows.

Barley grain was steeped in 1.0% lactic acid (LA) and treated with heat before being fed to the Holstein cows. Blood samples were then taken from the cows using Vacutainer tubes containing sodium heparin anticoagulant. The samples were stored in ice and centrifuged with the Hettich ROTANTA 460R for 20 minutes at 4°C and 3,000 × g to separate the plasma.

Analysis of the results of the study indicated that cows fed with the LA-treated barley grain diet had modulated plasma metabolites and experienced acute phase response.

Cows in early lactation often experience a negative energy balance. In western Canada, energy requirements of cows are often met by including more barley grain in the diet of lactating cows. However, the rapid starch degradation of barley is known to heighten the release of significant amounts of fermentation acids in rumen fluid, a process commonly referred to as subacute rumen acidosis (SARA). This study sought to contribute to the development of optimal feeding strategies that maintain proper functioning of the rumen and to prevent SARA.

Hettich’s comprehensive line of centrifuges enables scientists to conduct important testing and research, such as this study on LA-diet fed Holstein cows. The Hettich ROTANTA 460R is a high-throughput, high-volume benchtop centrifuge that is safe, quiet, and reliable. Learn more about the Hettich ROTANTA 460R benchtop centrifuge at http://www.hettweb.com/hettich-rotanta-460-centrifuge.html.

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