Proper space around the centrifuge

Proper space around the centrifuge

Category: Quality & Safety
Topic: Centrifuge Safety

All Hettich centrifuges should be placed on a solid, stable base. For specific information on setting up your centrifuge, please click here.

For safety precautions, the proper amount of space surrounding a Hettich centrifuge is 300mm (1 ft.) of open space to be in accordance with the EN/ ICE 610101-2-020. During centrifugation, according to the EN / IEC 610101-2020, no person, dangerous substances or objects may be within the safety margin of 300 mm (1 ft.) around the centrifuge.

Do not place any object in front of the ventilation duct of the centrifuge. To ensure proper cooling of the refrigeration system, keep a ventilation area of 300 mm (1 ft.) around the ventilation duct.

Do not allow air flow from air-cooled units to exhaust toward the area occupied by personnel. In the instance of tube breakage, this air flow could contain minor bits of glass and aerosols. For safety, exhaust from the centrifuge should point away from all personnel.

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