Posted Jul 09

Hettich Centrifuge and Incubator Promotions 2021

Save on Hettich centrifuges and incubators with value-added packages designed with your application in mind. Clinical and Research laboratories will benefit from unique centrifuge and incubator configurations and reduced pricing (up to 30%). (more…)

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Posted Apr 01

Premier Contracted Supplier

Beverly, MA – 04/01/2021 – Hettich Instruments has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for General Laboratory Products, Equipment, and Service with Premier. Effective 04/01/2021, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Hettich centrifuges, standard and cooled incubators,...

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Posted Feb 23
Lipemia Removal Feature Image

Hettich Centrifuges for Lipemic Samples

Centrifuge your lipemic samples quickly, in-house, and do away with send-outs. Ultracentrifuges are an expensive solution for processing lipemic samples, primarily when many institutions process lipemic samples only a few times per week. You can save thousands in equipment costs with Hettich high-speed centrifuges. You also get more from your low-cost investment;...

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Posted Dec 07

Hettich Product Guides

Hettich product guides help users filter and sort product categories into a clear and relevant list of models for your consideration. (more…)

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Posted Jul 25

Supporting Our Hidden Heroes

For more than 115 years, Hettich equipment has proven to be an essential component within the research and diagnostic laboratory for virus detection and vaccine development. We are here to support our hidden laboratory heroes in the fight against global pandemics and the pursuit of vaccine development. Hettich equipment adheres to strict...

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Posted Jun 25

Hettich Centrifuge Components

As laboratory procedures change and there is a need to do more with less, rest assured, we have the variety, capacity, and safety requirements necessary to adapt to your workflow. Whether you choose to update your current Hettich centrifuge with additional accessories or purchase a new centrifuge, we can provide a solution...

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