Hettich EBA 21 Used in Study on Saanen and Turkish Hair Breeds of Goat



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Hettich EBA 21 Used in Study on Saanen and Turkish Hair Breeds of Goat

Hettich EBA 21 Used in Study on Saanen and Turkish Hair Breeds of Goat

The Pakistan Journal of Zoology published a study entitled “Erythrocyte Potassium, Sodium and GSH Concentrations of Saanen and Turkish Hair Breeds of Goats” by Cenl Aydin, DenizDogrutekin, DugyuUdum and Meltem Cetin of the University of the Uludag in Bursa, Turkey. The study aimed to examine the biochemical variations between the three genetic markers of the two breeds. The Hettich EBA 21 benchtop centrifuge was used for the quantitative analysis of these markers in blood samples taken from 30 Saanen goats and 30 Turkish Hair goats.

The samples were obtained from the animals’ jugular veins and directly put into heparinized tubes. Hematocrit levels were determined by using the Hettich EBA 21 to centrifuge the collected blood samples for five minutes at 3,000 x g. Centrifugation separated the cellular fraction from the plasma and allowed researchers to carry out more tests, such as flame photometry, to complete the study.

Concentrations of the genetic markers were assessed using formulas and statistical methods. It was found that Saanen goat breeds had bimodal distributions in Ke and GSH concentrations, while Turkish Hair goats had only GSH polymorphism. Results also showed that 93% of the Turkish Hair goat population had deficient erythrocyte GSH concentrations, in contrast to the 93% of Saanen breeds with high levels of the tripeptide.

Hettichs comprehensive line of centrifuges enables scientists to conduct important testing and research, such as this study on the genetic markers of Saanen and Turkish Hair goats. The EBA 21 is a versatile, quiet, safe, and reliable compact centrifuge that is suitable for clinical testing and research in many fields.

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