Research on Analytical Methods for Pathogen and Protein Detection Cites Hettich EBA 20 Tabletop Centrifuge



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Research on Analytical Methods for Pathogen and Protein Detection Cites Hettich EBA 20 Tabletop Centrifuge

The Hettich EBA 20 tabletop centrifuge was one of the primary instruments used for the experiments of Gustavo Adolfo Zelada-Guillén of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili’s PhD thesis entitled “Ultrasensitive Detection of Pathogens in Real-Time Potentiometric Biosensors Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nano tubes and Aptameters”. The Hettich EBA 20 was used for culturing media and microorganisms examined in the research.

The analytical techniques investigated included direct methods (those that use sensors and establish a direct connection between the target in the sample and the sensor’s recognition layer) and methods needing significant pre-processing steps. The study of both these methods was crucial, because they represented important breakthroughs in pathogen and protein detection, even at low concentrations. Execution of the analytical techniques required extensive use of diverse laboratory instruments and devices, including the Hettich EBA 20.

Techniques for the direct detection of bacteria, disease-related proteins, and molecular biomarkers for other pathogens (e.g. viruses, parasites, etc.) are constantly being challenged and developed. For example, bio-sensing platforms with nanostructured materials have been made to decrease the limits of detection and assay times in identifying bacteria. Electrochemical platforms such as chip-based devices were also utilized. All platforms and methods were consistently tested to determine the most effective pathogen and protein detection techniques. Results were judged in terms of detection limitations, timeframe of analysis and assay simplicity.

Hettich’s comprehensive line of centrifuges enables scientists to conduct important testing and research, such as Guillén’s study on analytical methods for pathogen and protein detection. The Hettich EBA 20 is a compact, quiet, safe and reliable centrifuge that is suitable for clinical testing and research in many fields. Learn more about the Hettich EBA 20 centrifuge at

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