Certificate of Decontamination Form

Certificate of Decontamination Form

Category: Care & Maintenance
Topic: Decontamination

For the safety of transportation personnel as well as our own receiving department, a certificate of decontamination MUST accompany all products returned to Hettich Instruments.

This certificate, when placed on the outside of the returning package, indicates by signature that the item contained is not contaminated with any materials hazardous to humans.

There are two choices: (Please select only one)

  1. The item has been cleaned and is free of hazardous materials.
  2. The item was never used in a hazardous environment or with hazardous materials.

If returned items are deemed contaminated, Hettich Instruments may assess a $250 cleaning charge.

A link to the Decontamination Certificate can be found here: <insert link>

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