Installing Centrifuge on a stable base

Installing Centrifuge on a stable base

Category: Operation & Use
Topic: Centrifuge Installation & Set-up

Some units can weigh as much as 350 lbs when fully loaded with the rotor, buckets, adapters and media. Over time this can cause an unsecured table or unsteady work surface to become weak and in turn become a safety hazard in your lab. To avoid any issues, please make sure your unit is installed on a bench or work surface that can support the weight of your centrifuge and any other equipment you have on the same surface. Typically most lab benches in hospitals and research facilities can support the product just fine.

To properly install a Hettich Centrifuge on a stable base:

  1. Centrifuge should have a minimum of 12" around all sides of the unit.
  2. When the centrifuge is running, no person, dangerous substances or objects may be within the safety margin of the 12" around the centrifuge.
  3. Never place an object or substance on top of the centrifuge.
  4. Do not place any object in front of the ventiduct.
  5. Keep ventilation area of the 12" around the ventiduct.

For additional space, Hettich offers a variety of one (1) and two (2) drawer centrifuge cabinets. These rolling cabinets can be used as a mobile space for your centrifuge. Each cabinet has locking wheels for mobility and locking drawers for extra storage. The Hettich carts securly hold the centrifuge at the proper height for easy loading and unloading plus they free up valuable benchspace in your lab. For more information on the Hettich Rolling Cabinets, please click here.

For additional questions on installing a centrifuge or the Hettich Cabinets, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1.866.370.4388.

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