Changing Centrifugation Parameters During a Run

Changing Centrifugation Parameters During a Run

Category: Operation & Use
Topic: Centrifuge Operation

The running time, the speed, the relative centrifugal force (RCF), the centrifuging radius, the run-up and run-down parameters as well as the temperature (for centrifuges with cooling only) can all be changed while the centrifuge is running.

Select the parameter you want and use the adjusting knob or the UP/DOWN arrow keys to change the value (see chapter "Enter centrifugation parameter"). When the desired parameter is changed, press the START key. The changed setting is saved at program place "0" (see chapter "Automatic temporary storage"). The program place number is displayed in parentheses (0). However, the originally stored program will not be overwritten.

It is not possible to modify settings during centrifuge operation if “program linking” is being used.

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